A Beginners Guide To Ugg Boots!

22 Oct

The word “Ugg” can be used in many situations where normal language cannot justifiably reflect what it is that you want to say. This is never more true than when it is used on a freezing cold winters morning when you stick your foot out of the nice warm blanket laden bed, eyes still heavy with sleep, and make contact with the ice block that you once thought of as your floor. Not a great way to start the day. Put the term alongside boot, footwear or shoes and the scenario changes. Instead of touching the sub-zero flooring you can slip your feet into snug sheepskin Ugg boots, bound out of bed and be ignorant of the temperature that you will have to face once you leave the house. In actual fact once on, you may never want to take them off.

Ugg boots have come a long way since their initial disputed appearance in the early nineteen hundreds. While they are still predominately used as a means of keeping the feet warm they have, in recent times, become quite the fashion accessory. This is partly due to famous celebrities being seen in them, surfing and fashion labels designing new styles and the incorporation of new products into their manufacture to increase their longevity while reducing cost.

Ugg footwear comes in a variety of styles and designs. They range from open-backed slipper style keeping just the toes warm, to above the knee, with a myriad of lengths along the spectrum. It is the longer lengths that are traditionally referred to as the Ugg boot. Recently they have been manufactured as sandals, sneakers, flats and clogs. Despite their height, what deems them to be categorised as  discount ugg boots footwear is that they are manufactured from sheepskin, with a leather upper and fleece inner. This fleecy layer maintains the foot at body temperature while preventing moisture from making the foot damp by drawing it away.The introduction of a more rubberised sole has meant that the sole is now more durable. Rougher surfaces, within reason, can be walked over reducing the restrictions once placed on them. Shopping, visiting friend’s homes, doing the gardening and housework, walking the dog or even going out to dinner pose no problems.

Coming in a selection of colours means that they can be matched to almost any outfit. While they were once only available in tan, examples of hues they can now be purchased in include chocolate brown, pink, grey, purple, fuchsia and blue. Not limited to just colour for choice, they are also available as slip on, lace up or zipper. Decorative stitching, fringing, buckles, coverings for the upper surface and leather finish are other decisions that you have available at the time of purchase.The whole family is catered for as Ugg boots range in sizes from babies, infants, big kids, little kids to teens and adults in gender specific styles.Ugg boots can be thought of as pillows and blankets for your feet wherever you go.Charlotte Wilson has been writing for retailers within the fashion industry, such as online shoes retailer Sarenza UK, for over 10 years. To view a wide range of fashionable footwear and cosy winter shoes, including the Ugg Boots collection, visit the Sarenza website.


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